Short Term :

  • To be able to train and make sure at least 80% of our members are able to use and actively switch from closed source products i.e Windows to it’s open source alternative in 6-months duration.
    (We have a Linux training in NUMOSS first semester (September 2011-January 2012) every one week in our lab, and now more than half of our member are using Linux-most of them are using Linux Mint and Fedora to be their default OS)
  • To organize and actively participate in nationwide events, conference and seminar in Open Source and/or Information Technology. For our first 6 months, we are spesifically aming for MyGosscon.
    (We are participate in MyGosscon 2011, either be a volunteer, exhibitors and also win the competition)
  • Educate and promote Open Source Technology in level of schooling around UKM especially and Malaysia for general. For this goal please refer to NUMOSS / Across borders.
  • To actively increase the skill of our members in using and utilizing Open Source technology through weekly competition.

Long Term :

  • To shape and create Open Source evangelist and ambassador that can promote and inform the masses about Open Source technology and philosophy.
  • To fight piracy and actively support intellectual property rights by using only Open Source or Free Software
  • To nationally push National University of  Malaysia name in Open Source evangelism and make UKM one of the go-to university for learning about Open Source technology in Malaysia.
  • To boos adoption of Open Source software in university around Malaysia.

Our brand :

  • We officially rejected and denied the permission to use the name NUMOSS, which entails the membership of the whole UKM, in opposite to a club under the structure and restriction of a faculty. This, is in accordance with the true vision and mission of original NUMOSS, founded by Prima Yogi Loviniltra, Gagah Putra Arifianto and Dean Nazmuddin Saupi
  • In relation to previous point , we demand the removal of the name “NUMOSS”, our logo and other attributes related to the brand “NUMOSS” in all promotional, commercial or any of your present and future activities since it’s in no way related to the core vision and values founded in the original NUMOSS