To clarify about that event, NUMOSS is still a brand that established under OUR names (Prima Yogi Loviniltra, Gagah Putra Arifianto, Dean Nazmuddin Saupi) with assistance from FTSM and due to some circumstances which resulted the handover a failure, we don’t intended to let this organization proceed to a direction against the original vision and mission. The intended organizer/apprentice should at least acknowledge us prior before holding up an event, technically we are still a student of UKM. There is no official statement which claiming that NUMOSS is managed under PERTAMA (on which that decision will affect the members from the other faculties). Our organization is build for passionate people, beyond FTSM.

1. We officially rejected and denied the permission to use the name NUMOSS, which entails the membership of the whole UKM, in opposite to a club under the structure and restriction of a faculty. This, is in accordance with the true vision and mission of original NUMOSS, founded by Prima Yogi Loviniltra, Gagah Putra Arifianto and Dean Nazmuddin Saupi

2. In relation to point 1, we demand the removal of the name “NUMOSS”, our logo and other attributes related to the brand “NUMOSS” in all promotional, commercial or any of your present and future activities since it’s in no way related to the core vision and values founded in the original NUMOSS