Based on vision and mission NUMOSS to train and make sure at least 80% of our members are able to use and actively switch from closed source products i.e Windows to it’s open source alternative in 6-months duration, we have a training once a week (every Friday at 3PM) at our lab to teach our members how to use Linux (our default distor is Ubuntu in that time).

In this training, taught by the founder of NUMOSS in itself, some of senior Open Source in UKM and also from the member who have more knowledge in their areas, because we also have like a discussion at the end of the training.

Why Linux?
Because we believe if you wanna really be an Open Source freak and activist you must be in Open Source environtment and one of the environtment is your Operating System and we choose Linux for it and also when the nattive people heard about Open Source surely they would think about Linux, so after they know about the basic of Linux they can get the soul how great Linux is and they can migrate from Windows to Linux and continue explore Open Source Software that has been available in Linux.