It’s all started from a discussion about how to maximize and utilize our hobbies in computers, technology and especially Open Source. Yogi-our President, a guy who never uses Windows from beginning, have enjoyed the advantages and creativity-inducing side of Open Source and wants to share all of these advantages and attract more people in using Open Source. In his Open Source journey, he found support from faculty senior named Nur Husna who talk him into founding an Open Source club. In starting something new, he found support from two of his friends Gagah Putra Arifianto and Dean Nazamuddin, who later become two co-founders who helped him conceptualize how to run the club.

6 month later, NUMOSS was born, at 23 March 2011 and launch for open recruitment to public at 21 September 2011..

For more complete of our history start from born until at the end of 2011 you can see this video :

…coming soon for 2012.